Payroll Solutions


We know that happy employees translate to great productivity and quality service. An important way to keep your employees happy and motivated is to stay on top of your payroll compliance. FinancePal gives you the necessary payroll tools and services to help your employees lift the company to its highest potential.

Flexible Payroll Services

We proudly offer payroll services for small businesses of all types, in all industries. We can run payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis, all depending on your company’s preference. Your payroll numbers are extremely important because they usually have a large impact on your company’s net income; our recurring payroll reports give you a detailed analysis on your company’s payroll expenses.

Federal and State Tax Filings

Accurate Records

One of your company’s most important payroll obligations—regardless of the state you reside in—is to withhold federal and state income taxes and make sure they’re reported and paid. You’re also responsible for providing employees with W-2 and 1099 reports.

Timely Filing

Payroll taxes can be a real headache to work on, especially if you’ve already got a busy calendar. Furthermore, inaccurate or untimely payments may result in stiff tax penalties. FinancePal can assist you with these tedious tasks. We’ll make sure that you correctly file the right federal and state returns, including federal forms 940 and 941. We’ll keep track of deadlines for you so that you’ll always file your payroll taxes on time.

Cover All Your Bases

Our payroll services ensure that any and all types of employees associated with your business are accounted for, whether they be employees, contractors, or subcontractors. We’ll file Form 1099-MISC for you, if necessary. We want to make sure that all your relevant finances are properly reported so you may decrease the likelihood that your business is selected for a tax audit by the IRS.

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