Recovery and Catch-up


We specialize in catch-up bookkeeping, clean-up bookkeeping, and finishing unfiled returns. We’ll promptly get all of your books and tax returns up-to-date. Rather than trying endlessly to catch up on past work, you’ll be able to concentrate on pushing your business forward.

We’ll get your books up-to-date and back on track.

If you fall behind on your books, you’ll have a speedy financial team at your service to help get you back to speed. Where’s all your data? On a hard drive? In filing cabinets? No matter where you’ve stored your financial data, and no matter how unconsolidated it might be, we’ll work with what you’ve got to get your books updated. We know that security is of the utmost importance to you, and we’ll work with you to plan the easiest, safest, and most secure way to retrieve your information.

We’re your dedicated financial team.

Maximize Your Tax Return

Should your business or corporation fall behind on tax filings, we’ll help you get those filings completed as soon as possible so that you can avoid heavy late penalties. We’re experts at filing federal and state taxes, and we’ve had astounding success at giving businesses their highest possible tax return.

Only Pay What You Owe

Corporations are often dealt heavy blows by double taxation. We want your corporation to maintain as much revenue as possible. Our financial experts at FinancePal will pore over your tax documents. We’ll make sure that you’re claiming every penny you’re entitled to, and that you’re only paying taxes that you truly owe—no more. We want the company and its shareholders to thrive together.

Fast and Accurate Accounting

Our financial experts can set up your business with integrated technology to help you avoid falling behind on future bookkeeping. We employ easily accessible technology that seamlessly records all of your business transactions. Digital, automatic bookkeeping—with oversight and accounting by our FinancePal team—will expedite your workflow and ensure that your books are always accurate and up-to-date!

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