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In the real estate business, every transaction is a big deal. Having accountants and bookkeepers with years of industry experience is invaluable in helping any real estate business navigate the highs, lows, and everything in between while adhering to the many government regulations unique to the industry. FinancePal’s experienced real estate agent and broker accountants can automate, streamline, and simplify accounting and bookkeeping for your small business at an affordable cost. Our services come completely customized to your business.

With FinancePal real estate accounting and bookkeeping services for realtors, you can benefit from:

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Impeccable Bookkeeping & Accounting

While business transactions happen less frequently in real estate than other flagship industries, they make up for this in magnitude. Also, revenue is much less consistent in real estate than other industries. These are unique challenges to the business and require the utmost attention on the books. With FinancePal, our dedicated team of experts handles your small business’s accounting and finances, you can rest assured that your books are impeccably kept.

We bolster our services with high-tech, automated solutions to categorize and record transactions, flag potential errors or issues, and accurately prepare your financial statements.

Financial Statement Preparation

Well-crafted financial statements can provide a clear roadmap for your business’s future financial success. FinancePal’s streamlined financial statement preparation process produces insightful, accurate financial statements for each accounting period.

With transactions as large as they are in the real estate industry, the slightest miscue can trigger an IRS audit — although they can happen for no reason at all, too. FinancePal’s expertly-crafted financial statements provide real estate brokers and agents with an effective defense against these audits.


In the real estate industry, your business will have to grapple with several different types of employees on your payroll. Usually, these will be your salaried employees, commission employees, salary and commission combination employees, and sub-contractors. Each type has different filing rules come tax time FinancePal will carefully track and report payroll, hours worked, and commission to simplify annual payroll tax filing for your business.


At FinancePal, our automated invoicing system ensures that invoices are sent punctually to help keep the gears turning as consistently as possible. Our well-crafted, concise invoices offer several ways for clients to pay. Additionally, we will contact delinquent payers on behalf of your business.

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The real estate business can be tough, but with great risk comes great rewards. And while your business reaps those rewards, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at FinancePal are working to ensure that your books are properly taken care of and that your business is primed for success.

Real estate professionals know that the real estate industry is dynamic and complex. That is why FinancePal is a trusted provider of accounting and bookkeeping services for real estate agents. For a free consultation and custom quote, click here.

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